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Brian Pasch shares the best auto marketing strategies for modern car buyers

Customers may now browse your inventory and shop online with greater ease than ever before, so, it’s critical to keep them engaged in your marketing. Brian Pasch, founder of PCG Companies and BPE Brian Pasch Enterprises, joins us on today’s episode of Inside Automotive to discuss what car dealers must do to ensure the success of their auto marketing efforts this year.

As inventory keeps expanding, dealers need to return to the fundamentals of marketing. There will always be a need for used cars, and people are still talking about trading in their automobiles despite the uncertain economic climate. According to Pasch, “The issue is that the cars people really desire are the ones with low inventory demand.”

Dealers must enhance their auto marketing budgets, according to Pasch, and really concentrate on the topic of interest. First-party data is being used seriously to develop better marketing campaign audiences. For instance, dealers will have more matches deploying from media in an OTT environment if they have two to three emails or phone numbers per consumer.

marketingMoreAdvertising your dealership to attract new hires – Glenn Pasch | PCG Digital

Dealer associations will drive the transition. According to Pasch, “these organizations are going to need a confident partner in aiding with their first-party data in order to get a competitive edge. In this sense, three scenarios are possible:

  1. Dealers will have complete faith in auto marketing companies that already employ marketing automation and CDP.
  2. Through shared envision, dealers are responsible for setting up the intake of client data, monitoring the original data, and ensuring that the agency is processing information correctly.
  3. Dealers are bringing in-house, depending on CDP providers’ skills to train staff, and then managing audience creations until the point of pushing them to media distribution agencies.

The market will increasingly see hybrid platforms like Force Marketing, a CDP, and a marketing automation platform as it transitions to first-party automated marketing solutions. Pasch argues that dealers may have a first-party advantage if they open up more and maybe share data management responsibilities with other technology partners. By doing this, associations will be able to start ingesting their own data.

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Jaelyn Campbell
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