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Boost your dealership’s profitability with advanced, customizable digital reports — Todd Katcher | Digital Dealership System

More than ever, dealers are relying on technology to help them run their businesses, serve their customers, and help employees reach new heights. But not all tools are created equal: picking the right solution is key to driving performance.

On this episode of Driving Solutions, host Jim Fitzpatrick is joined by Todd Katcher, managing partner of Digital Dealership System, a technology firm helping dealers improve sales, teamwork, and service. Katcher, himself a retail automotive insider, has seen first-hand how the right solution can make all the difference in leading a dealership to success. Now, he discusses a new innovation that will give retailers the ability to motivate employees, track performance, and retain more customers.

Key Takeaways

1. The Digital Dashboard is a comprehensive suite of technology aimed at addressing dealership management pain points, such as motivation among employees.

2. Through this dashboard, dealers can access a sales, BDC, or fixed-ops leaderboard. All three offer critical, up-to-date performance data for each department or employee and are integrated with most DMS and CRM platforms. For dealers with multiple storefronts, Digital Dealership System also offers an Enterprise Leaderboard, capable of providing a company-wide perspective.

3. Since each leaderboard updates automatically and is accessible by staff, both managers and employees can view accurate performance data (online or through the app) at any time rather than waiting on periodical reports generated through standard dealership technology.

4. Katcher explains that dealership staff are more motivated to succeed when their track record is easily accessible. Since they are able to view not only their own progress but also how they rank compared to the rest of the team, employees can know exactly when their performance begins to deteriorate and make immediate adjustments to boost their numbers. This improves transparency across the board.

5. Managers can also react much earlier when they notice an employee is floundering. Whereas before, they might not notice a staff member’s struggles until weeks after, with a leaderboard in place, team leaders can intervene as soon as someone’s performance takes a turn.

6. The Digital Dashboard costs only $499 a month and can be set up within days of ordering.

To learn more about how a sales, BDC, or fixed-ops leaderboard can drive performance for your business, visit Digital Dealership System at their website or catch them at booth #4547W at the 2024 NADA Show.

"As a manager, it's better to try to help somebody be successful than to degrade them...I'd rather be coached up than put down." — Todd Katcher

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