An advanced and highly sought-after long-term electric battery is being tested this Tuesday by BMW. The battery is one of many advances that will increase the time in hours and miles an individual can drive an electric car. Currently, from what is known, the battery supposedly holds a charge for up to 600 hours of driving time.

BMW has been rapidly producing electric vehicles like its iX electric SUV for months as this car is sold out through 2030. To get a competitive edge against other electric vehicle companies, BMW is using the assistance of Our Next Energy (ONE). This Michigan-based team created a battery that uses less environmentally destructive materials like cobalt, nickel, copper, and graphite.

Depending on the success of this prototype’s testing, ONE wants to produce other versions of the battery in about three different sizes. These three different sizes are priced differently so that it is affordable for all consumers interested in a quick, reliable, fast-charging electric vehicle.

A few months ago, in December, Gemini, ONE’s battery, was tested and ran for over 750 miles before needing a charge! This impressive number stunned manufacturers and big players in the electric vehicle industry as it was the longest an EV had driven.

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