Best Practices for Recruiting Employees in the Digital Age


When recruiting new employees to your automotive dealership, it’s important to understand and keep up with the current digital trends and technology. Below are some of the most crucial elements to be aware of when recruiting new employment prospects.

Using online profiles to find new recruits: Nearly everyone nowadays has an online profile that has taken the place of a traditional resume. There is a whole lot of data that can be found on a person when doing an online search, and recruiters use these profiles as a means of identifying and contacting prospective employees with appealing talents for a position within the organization.recruting

Dealerships should use inbound marketing techniques to find new hires: Inbound marketing appeals to customers by using compelling content which then creates an awareness and trust. To draw probable applicants, assemble the population to connect with the brand, and cultivate a relationship so that in time, these recruits will be attracted to a position with the dealership when it becomes available.

It doesn’t matter if your dealership is small or large: Once restricted to only large companies with big budgets, employer branding is now available to companies of all sizes. Digital tools like GlassDoor convey an incomparable transparency to the employee experience.

How Employers Can Keep Pace with Technology

On average, 35 percent of employers use social media networks as a means of screening new talent. Social media is an excellent method for discovering how applicants present themselves. By reading their social media profile, employers can learn a lot about an applicant and whether or not that person meets the qualifications for employment at the dealership.

Video screening is also changing the interviewing dynamic. When using video screening to interview potential candidates for a position, the employer is breaking down any previous geographic barriers that may have existed to both job seekers and the recruiters. By using Skype or FaceTime to conduct interviews, the candidate can interview without having to call off work or risk losing their current position.

Job candidates are not unlike consumers and should be dealt with in the manner that sustains the corporate brand even during the recruitment and hiring procedure. An overwhelming 60 percent of job candidates declared they had some form of pre-disclosure with a potential employer. Of these recruits, nearly half reported a positive experience during the application process. On the flip side, 52 percent of job recruits who had no previous dealings with a potential employer, reported a negative encounter.

recruitingFor employers, in-house recruiters are edging out staffing agencies due to the digital tools that have been made available. They can carve out a specific niche, and find any hidden talent within in order to fill difficult positions.

Streamlining the Process

The process for filling a position at a car dealership was previously very tedious. It involved multiple scheduling stages, phone calls, and appointments. This process has been streamlined digitally. Now everything can be done in a matter of minutes, which allows the job recruiters extra time to ask truly meaningful questions which makes it easier to find qualified candidates for the position. With digital tools available like chatbots, recruiters are able to discover the who is the best candidate in a more efficient and effective manner.

Employers must learn how to rely on these digital assets to reach the active job seeker, or risk missing out on the best candidates.