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Successful Prospecting in a Digital Age

On this week's edition of Straight Talk, David Lewis talks about one of the great challenges many people in the auto industry face, prospecting...
retargeting strategies

Smarter Retargeting Strategies to Sell More Cars in the Digital Age

On this week's edition of Auto Marketing Now, Brian goes over the basics of retargeting and gives you some new insights on how to...

Best Practices for Recruiting Employees in the Digital Age

When recruiting new employees to your automotive dealership, it's important to understand and keep up with the current digital trends and technology. Below are...

Automotive Attribution Models

 On this week's Auto Marketing Now, Brian Pasch continues his discussion on automotive attribution models to help you sell more cars in the digital...
David Kain

Bruce Polkes and Jim Hughes of Intellacar discuss the digital age

David sits down with Bruce Polkes and Jim Hughes, co-founders of Intellacar, to discuss how consumer demands have changed and how their technology can...

How to grow today’s digital age

How to grow today's digital age U.S. auto sales are on a tear. Earning reports out of Detroit have been a stunning counterpoint to the...