What bar have you set for sales? We’ll tell you if it’s too high or too low.

Sales high or low

What bar have you set for sales? What are your expectations for your sales team? A recent survey shows the top three tasks dealers want their sales staff to accomplish are: getting the customer in the door, recording a little information, and turning them over to a manager or underwriter.

Here are some recommended guidelines for your sales staff… make sure each salesperson is able to conduct a great customer interview that gathers information’s, builds rapport with customers, and discovers what the customer needs. This will set the stage for product selection without it seeming like an interrogation.

Too many members of your sales team may be missing a critical step- knowing how to conduct a personalized vehicle presentation based on the needs and wants discovered during the interview.

Make sure a quality trade evaluation is completed on every write up. And once this has happened, every salesperson should complete a professional follow-up. Salespeople should be able to generate 50 percent of their own business.

The best thing you can do for your team is invest in good training. Clearly define your expectations and measure the results, while keeping your team in the loop. A properly trained salesperson will regain the money you spend on training several times over.