Electric vehicles are becoming more popular, and Autonomy, with the help of AutoNation, is increasing its investments in the EV subscription space. The company is adding more electric vehicles to its fleet and increasing the number of charging stations. Through this partnership, the two companies can expand and offer more electric options to their customers. In addition, the partnership will give Autonomy access to AutoNation’s large inventory of vehicles and help it expand its reach. Autonomy is also teaming up to offer EV subscriptions at AutoNation dealerships in select markets in Florida, California, and Texas.

AutoNation will function as Autonomy’s “Dealer of Record” and, through the partnership, assist the company in its planned acquisition of as many as 23,000 electric vehicles from a variety of automakers. The subscription service will allow customers to access a car for a monthly fee, with no long-term commitment. The service includes insurance, maintenance, and concierge service. After a minimum three-month hold period, drivers are offered the flexibility to subscribe month-to-month. Customers can subscribe to an EV entirely through appointed apps and customize their monthly payments to meet their budget.

The partnership will see Autonomy add a number of new electric vehicles to its subscription service as well, including the Tesla Model 3 and the BMW i3. Autonomy already has a number of high-profile partnerships in place with Tesla, BMW, and Volkswagen. The retailer is also working with Tesla to install electric vehicle charging stations at its dealerships.

AutoNation CEO Mike Jackson

This is a significant development for the EV subscription market. With AutoNation’s backing, Autonomy is poised to become the leading provider of EV subscriptions. This is a win-win for both companies. Autonomy gets to tap into AutoNation’s large inventory of vehicles, and AutoNation gets to offer its customers a new and convenient way to get a car. This partnership is part of AutoNation’s goal to provide its customers with more options for sustainable transportation.

AutoNation’s president and CEO, Mike Jackson, said that the partnership would help the company meet its goal of offering customers a “seamless, end-to-end electric vehicle experience.” Autonomy’s spokesperson said that the partnership would help the company expand its reach and bring its subscription service to more customers. This partnership between Autonomy and AutoNation will help to increase the availability of EVs and make them more accessible to customers.

With their plans to increase investment in EVs, these companies are positioning themselves to be leaders in the rapidly growing market for these technologies.

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