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Commerce Exchange

In a recent interview with Leigh Ann Conver of Fortellis from the CBT Automotive Network booth at Digital Dealer 24, we learn more on how the automotive industry has a new automotive commerce exchange technology platform where industry professionals, developers, and others can go to create new solutions that are faster, better, and smarter or purchase applications that can enhance the automotive retail industry.Commerce Exchange CDK Global, a leader in Automotive Commerce has introduced Fortellis Automotive Technology Exchange, a technology engine that is meant to create seamless connection and collaborations among the automotive industry. The Platform provides an avenue that encourages dealers, OEMs, and developers, to build, innovate, and securely integrate solutions to better the retail automotive industry.

Within the platform, there are two main components, the first being the developer network. This is a space where developers can come build solutions, access data and publish their own API’s. The second is the App store. Here, anyone can visit to make purchases of a variety of apps, most of which were built on the developer’s network through the platform.

Commerce Exchange

This Industry specific network was brought to life after CDK Global spoke with many of their providers and saw a need to “unclog” this technology logjam. The Platform was launched at The NADA Show in 2018 and has already received great reviews, an expanding following, great products and new solutions in what should be considered a short period of time.

So how would someone get started if you’re interested in developing a product within Fortellis or where to go if you would like to learn more about it? Conver says it’s easy- just head over to and that will provide you all the APIs’ that are available. You will also be able to see, at no charge, all the API’s that have been developed and released.

When CBT News asks what we can expect next and how do they keep this new community alive Conver said, “We are looking for the industry to tell us. We are looking for them to show us the solutions and how they should be built. Because this network is open to everyone across the industry it allows connectivity for everyone to what’s happening on the front line.”Commerce Exchange