Auto retail expert David Lewis on selling more customer pay revenue

Train people how to make appointments appropriately says David Lewis.

For over 30 years, David Lewis and Associates has been taking dealership sales and service to the next level. On today’s show, we’re pleased to welcome David Lewis, President, and CEO of David Lewis and Associates, and the host of CBT’s show, Straight Talk, to guide us through selling more customer pay revenue.

It boils down to one thing, we don’t sell more customer pay revenue because we don’t make great presentations and demonstrations in our service lanes, says Lewis. Dealers got so into the process and procedures they forgot how to sell to customers. 99 out of 100 times, service advisors talks over the customer.

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customerLewis calls it ‘show and tell’. He says he would never sell a car, without showing the customer the car. He also says the customer has the right to say no to you, but they have to have the best information. Advisors should learn how to make videos, that show customers what needs to be done. Create the value. He says it’s something so simple that we make it so hard.

Train people how to make appointments appropriately says, Lewis. There should never be a waiter first thing in the morning. At bigger dealerships, Lewis says they take about 2 service advisors and make them selling advisors. The other advisors are then processing advisors.

Lewis will be speaking at the 2022 NADA Show. His session will be about educating attendees on how it is to be a customer. For more information, click here.

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