Auto critic Mark Phelan recaps key moments from the 2022 Detroit Auto Show

There was a lot of anticipation, excitement, and announcements surrounding electric vehicles out at the Detroit Auto Show. Now that the event has concluded, we’re getting a recap from auto critic and columnist for the Detroit Free Press, Mark Phelan.

According to Phelan, the show did not disappoint this year. There was a wide variety of new and exciting vehicles on display. Inventory levels have been low in recent years, so the show was an excellent opportunity for people to see what is coming onto the market. There was a fair-like atmosphere at the event, with a giant monster truck and massive inflatable duck adding to the fun.

From a media perspective, there was less news than usual at the show. However, this did not detract from the overall enjoyment of the event.

“The new Mustang coming out is fantastic,” says Phelan. He believes that this will be the last combustible engine Mustang, with the switch to EVs. However, he also thinks that the Mustang will make a great EV. No entry-level pricing was provided, but it is assumed that it would be similar to other pricing within Mustang.

“Normally, we get a lot of press conferences from major manufacturers, but there weren’t as many this year. I didn’t see much from Kia and manufacturers like that. They did have great product displays and demonstrations of the vehicles from other manufacturers. They even had a ‘flying car,’ which wasn’t exactly a car but more of a personal aircraft that you wouldn’t need a full pilot’s license to use. They had one that looked like a hoverbike from Star Wars,” explains Phelan.

“They had a jetpack, and a couple of aircrafts people could essentially park in their driveway. The pricing was higher on these items, but it is an interesting aspect of the future of transportation,” Phelan added about the show.

This year has been a big year for electric vehicles (EVs), with many new options and opportunities impressing consumers and experts alike. Phelan stated that one of the most notable developments had been the increasing number of EVs nominated for the North American Car and Truck of the Year award. This year, half of the semi-finalists in both categories are EVs, demonstrating the growing popularity and acceptance of these vehicles.

“I can’t think of the last time my phone wasn’t charged with the charging ability out there today,” said Phelan. “I feel EVs will become the same way.”

He doesn’t think charging will be an issue once more stations become accessible, whether public or at home. One of the most significant changes is the introduction of fast-charge DC stations, which can charge a vehicle in as little as 20 minutes, a marked improvement over the 240-volt system, which could take up to six hours to charge an electric car. With the fast-charge DC stations, drivers can get back on the road much quicker, which is crucial for long-distance travel.

The fast-charge DC stations are still in the process of being installed, but once they are up and running, they will provide a much-needed boost to the electric vehicle industry.

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