Author and Speaker Jon Gordon on Motivating Yourself and Your Team in Difficult Times

Today on – Friday, May 1st, 2020:

Author and Speaker Jon Gordon on Motivating Yourself and Your Team in Difficult Times
On today’s show, we welcome back author and speaker Jon Gordon. Jon and Jim talk about motivating your team in unsure times, not letting adversity cause you to lose sight of your ‘vision,’ and more.

Jon GordonWhat Our Team Wants From Us
One of the most potent responsibilities and opportunities we have when it comes to leadership is that the team looks to us to set the tempo — in action, attitude and vision. A team will rarely work harder than its leader. If the head of the group doesn’t believe in the mission, those who are following won’t, either. And, if the group’s leader thinks a situation is hopeless, he or she robs the hope from their team. Read More

Jon GordonTips for Cross-Device Car Shopper Satisfaction
Moving into the digital age has, in many ways, made car sales easier. Suddenly, there’s access to a much wider audience, with tools that allow for increasing marketing optimization. However, with the proliferation of devices, things have become a little trickier. With customers switching between devices, you’ll need to ensure that your content is effective across the board. Here are five strategies that will maximize your site’s cross-device shopper satisfaction. Read More

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