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AIADA leaders discuss concerns and advancements in EV transition – Cody Lusk & Anthony Brownlee

The American International Automobile Dealers (AIADA) has been at the forefront of advocating for the interests and tackling the challenges faced by international nameplate auto dealers in the United States. In this episode of Inside Automotive, we welcome Cody Lusk, the President and CEO of AIADA, and Anthony Brownlee, the Chairman of AIADA, to provide valuable insights into the present circumstances and ongoing initiatives within the automotive industry.

Key Takeaways 

1. During the interview, Lusk expressed concerns about the EV transition and mandates imposed by the Biden administration and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). He emphasized the importance of consumer choice and gradual transition, noting the current popularity of hybrids and plug-in hybrids in the market.

2. Moreover, Lusk discussed geopolitical concerns, particularly regarding tariffs and potential impacts on the industry. He mentioned legislative efforts to increase tariffs on Chinese vehicle imports and the bipartisan concerns about Chinese vehicles’ role in the U.S. market.

3. Nevertheless, Brownlee highlighted the rapid evolution of vehicle technology, acknowledging Toyota’s leadership in electrified vehicles and the industry’s ongoing advancements. He emphasized the excitement and challenges posed by technological innovations.

4. Brownlee also mentioned the consumer interest in EVs, citing reports of significant web searches about EVs. He not only notes curiosity among consumers but also highlights challenges such as affordability, inventory, and the market’s readiness for EV adoption.

5. Overall, both Lusk and Brownlee stress the importance of industry advocacy, engaging with policymakers, and staying informed about political and economic developments. They encouraged continued engagement from industry players to address challenges effectively and advocate for the automotive sector’s interests.

"Everybody's impressed with the technology, but the challenge is, how do you feel about it? How does it fit into your lifestyle, you know, how many miles do you drive charging station availability or you're going to install one at home." - Anthony Brownlee

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Jaelyn Campbell
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