Addressing the Customer’s Repair Contract Concerns


On today’s Tip of the Day, Becky Chernek talks about creating a roadmap for yourself so that you can easily respond to customers when they have questions regarding the purchase of a service contract.


Welcome to the Tip of the Day on CBT. I’m Becky Chernek. Now, if you want to close more product sales, you need to create a roadmap for yourself. We hear the same objection every time. The customer isn’t going to take advantage of a service contract. They want one before and it never covered anything, or they have the manufacturer’s warranty. They just don’t see the need in a service contract. What’s the solution? What’s your response going to be? A word track doesn’t have to mean robotic. You want to come across naturally. You are genuine in your approach. Address the reason behind the objection with a thought-out response that gets to the heart of the customer’s concern and you’ll win the customer over hands down every time.