6 tips for marketing the benefits of electric vehicles and other eco-friendly cars

Your dealership is or will become an expert on electric vehicles. Take advantage of this mastery by promoting what you know. 

Electric vehicles (EVs) are increasingly gaining favor with eco-conscious consumers looking for more sustainable transportation. However, marketing the environmental benefits of EVs to this audience requires a well-thought-out approach. These efforts need to include highlighting the ‘green’ aspects of EVs. With this in mind, let’s review effective techniques that dealerships can use to appeal to environmentally-minded buyers. 

Speaking to the eco-conscious consumer

More and more consumers think about environmental impact in their purchase decisions. This is especially the case with car buyers. According to the Pew Research Center, 72% of shoppers considering an EV say helping the environment is a key motivator. Meanwhile, 70% see saving money on fuel as another advantage, and 12% like keeping up with the latest vehicle trends.

These preferences work well with clearly identifiable EV benefits, including:

  • Environmental friendliness
  • Long-term cost savings
  • Innovative technology

There are also several eco-friendly EV features that can be promoted in marketing. These are ‘green’ attributes that demonstrate a dealer’s environmental consciousness and build trust about a commitment to sustainability.

  • Zero tailpipe emissions
  • High energy efficiency 
  • Recyclability of EV batteries

Along with being eco-conscious, EV buyers tend to be tech-oriented, and drawn to innovation. Savvy dealer marketers will build off these interests by accentuating the high-tech features integral to all-electric cars. Examples include:

  • Access to instantaneous torque
  • Autonomous/semi-autonomous driving systems
  • Energy use displays/control screens
  • Smartphone integration
  • Charging capabilities

Be sure that your messaging isn’t just about environmental benefits and technical specs. EV buying still involves emotions, so marketing should reflect this. Here’s an opportunity to get creative as cleverly worded campaigns capture the excitement of car buying while citing EVs’ underlying benefits.

Getting the word out about electric vehicles

We’ve covered what to say to EV-minded shoppers. Here’s how to say it. 

1. Create a theme

Creating a simple and memorable phrase will anchor the related marketing efforts, whether you’re thinking of a long-term tagline or a short-term slogan. If your creative juices aren’t flowing, give artificial intelligence a try. Head over to ChatGPT (you’ll need to set up a free account) and ask, “What are some taglines that can be used for a car dealer wanting to promote electric vehicles?

You’ll get many responses, like “Driving Green Has Never Been Easier” and “Take Charge of Your Commute.” Searching Google and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office database should confirm if you’re treading on someone else’s efforts. 

2. Produce engaging content

Creativity will also have to prevail in the content your dealership produces to market its EVs. Not only will these videos, social media posts, and emails have to be visually engaging, they’ll need to educate and inform. Use infographics to break down complex data into more digestible information. Show real-world scenarios to demystify unfamiliar EV activities (like vehicle charging or one-pedal driving). 

3. Take advantage of strategic partnerships

Identify environmental organizations that can lend credibility when marketing an EV’s sustainability benefits. Look for branches of national operations or local green nonprofits. These tie-ups can promote an eco-friendly brand image and help forge connections with environmental advocates who might not otherwise step foot into your showroom. 

4. Revise digital operations

Ensure that your digital outreach is crafted to target eco-conscious consumers. This starts with dedicated landing pages highlighting the environmental advantages of your dealership’s EV offerings. A revamped SEO strategy and focused social media and email campaigns must also come into play.  

5. Leverage test drives

Test drive events enable dealers to get eco-conscious and EV-curious shoppers behind the wheel. These hands-on experiences build engagement by demonstrating the real-world practicality of EVs. While activities associated with Earth Day are natural, look for other venues, like farmers’ markets, that also have a green values connection. 

6. Become an EV resource

Your dealership is or will become an expert on electric vehicles. Take advantage of this mastery by promoting what you know. 

  • Provide an information clearinghouse for rebates, tax credits, and other incentives available to EV buyers
  • Work with utility companies to highlight available programs that foster EV adoption
  • Create a list of recommended installers for EV chargers
  • Designate one or more staff as EV ambassadors to serve as point persons 
  • Host EV workshops for owners and would-be owners

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David Goldberg
David Goldberg
David Goldberg is a contributing writer and reporter for CBT News. He brings a unique combination of dealership experience, a lifelong love of automobiles, and a journalism background to his writing for CBT News. He has a BA in journalism from The George Washington University.

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