4 strategies to make your sales department more effective – Victor Antonio

Victor Antonio

Sales managers often find themselves looking for ways to motivate their teams to take the next step in their development. Here to discuss four strategies that can take your sales department to the next level is Victor Antonio, renowned sales trainer, motivational speaker, and author of 13 books including Sales Ex Machina: How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the World of Selling.

1. Reduce stress: Sales is all about certainty and anxiety. Find out what the salesperson is struggling with. Is it the pitch? Is it the negotiation? Each salesperson requires a customized fit for their approach.

2. Online retailing: The way dealerships are selling vehicles looks very different today than it did a year ago. While the internet has created so much opportunity for sales, consumers are inundated with so much content, that they need a salesperson to help make sense of all of the options in the buying journey.

3. Emphasis on training: Every sales manager should spend a minimum of three hours a month coaching their sales staff. However, sales managers have to be more than a coach. They have to also be mentors to their salespeople and provide moral support when the going gets tough.

4. Customer journey: Adopt an omnichannel approach that allows salespeople to engage with customers in different ways. Whether it’s in-person on the showroom floor, a website messaging feature, or a video call and everything in between.

From humble beginnings in a rough Chicago neighborhood, Victor Antonio built a 20-year career as a top sales executive for Fortune 500 companies. He has written 13 popular books on sales and motivation and recently launched the Sales Velocity Academy learning platform. He is also the host of Amazon’s Life or Debt show, where he advises families who are struggling financially with their businesses.

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