3 Ways to Develop Happy Customers Online

Brooke Kovanda

Every day, more of the car buying process is occurring on dealership websites. As the automotive industry comes to terms with this, it becomes imperative for them to learn about what drives engagement with their consumers. What can more dealerships do to create experiences that cater specifically to their consumers’ needs?

What this means for the automotive industry is that some exciting possibilities for engagement are opening up; everything ranging from the seemingly fantastical (ex: cars delivered to your doorstep for a test drive) to fast-emerging industry standards (ex: completing financing paperwork all online). In fact, more and more pieces of the process are going mobile.

Max Zanan, co-founder, and CEO of IDDS Group says in an interview with Boston.com, “Uber teaches the consumer that instant gratification is out there because they can get a car within two minutes. This shift is going to carry over into automotive retail.’’
In the same piece, Steve Halloran of CarGurus (like Max Zanan) had much to say regarding the need for instant gratification: “We agree that convenience is the most important thing people are seeking [when car-shopping]. We believe people want to shop for cars the way they shop for most other things. Shortening or lowering hurdles between a user who is looking at an online ad and a car dealership’s salesperson is going to be increasingly important. Transparency is about openness and increasing dialogue between merchants and shoppers. We would love to see more of that if possible.’’

Source: Perq