Zeigler Auto Group has expanded to 35 car dealerships and shows no signs of slowing down

Zeigler Auto Group is continuing its aggressive expansion plan with the purchase of 4 dealerships in the state of Wisconsin. Joining us today to discuss acquisitions, inventory shortages, and emerging markets for digital technology, is Aaron Zeigler, President of Zeigler Auto Group.

Zeigler begins the conversation by discussing the brands he acquired during the expansion of his automotive portfolio. The group acquired Toyota, Hyundai, Subaru, and Honda. When it comes to new franchise opportunities, Ziegler says the most important thing he looks for is location. Then it’s about the franchise, and where it’s going in the future, and how strong it is. They were looking at franchises that could do bigger volumes.

As far as inventory is concerned, Zeigler says, it’s a short-term deal. They have record inventory, from a used car standpoint, which has helped them out. For talent, Ziegler says, that his group has an extensive development program. When an employee starts with them, they lay out a career plan for them to figure out what they want to accomplish in the next few years. They do their own NADA-type school, in-house, called the Performance Group. It teaches employees how to run their own business. Zeigler says, their philosophy is, if you want really good people, you have to pay really well.

When it comes to digital retailing, Zeigler says just about 100% of customers go online to get information nowadays. Communicating online can be a much friendlier process for the consumer and car dealer alike. However, to go 100% without talking to someone in person, is unfamiliar. There are going to be questions that a computer can’t answer. Zeigler says he’s not buying into everything moving online.

Zeigler ends the conversation by giving his take on the EV revolution. He says, if consumers want EVs, they will absolutely sell them. Some of the challenges he foresees are charging infrastructure concerns, battery lifespan, and used-EV valuations. He says while he isn’t seeing it yet, technology is getting better and they may be selling a lot more EVs in the future.

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