Why Dealerships Should Consistently Train Their Staff- Eric Edwards, The Joe Verde Group

The Joe Verde Group

Among this digital driven world Dealerships spend a lot of money on the technology that drives them. Eric Edwards, Trainer with the Joe Verde Group, wants you to know that it’s great to spend money in sectors that grow your business but don’t forget to spend just as much effort, if not more, on the people in your dealership.

Training You could not walk around The NADA Show without seeing one thousand different ways you can spend your money. Even though technology is good, and advancing that with software updates or bringing in a more dynamic A.I is regularly required, none of that matters if you are not investing in your staff so they can be the best version of themselves that is possible.Training

Training your staff has become a vital and relevant factor within the automotive retail industry.  The Joe Verde Group has designated trainers that will boost your dealerships unit sales, raise gross profit and invest in your new and existing hire turning them into high achievers that drive excellent customer satisfaction.

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