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Why auto dealers must deliver data-driven omnichannel advertising to connected consumers

Today on Inside Automotive, we are pleased to welcome two experienced auto industry pros: Jeremy Beaver of the San Francisco Bay Area’s Del Grande Auto Group and Michelle Boczonadi, Director of Sales Development at Effectv.

Del Grande Dealer Group is known as much for the positivity of its team members as it is for its deals on cars. DGDG focuses on two key areas to sustain this positivity during turbulent times. Number one, everything starts and ends with the team. Beaver explains the importance of ensuring that employees are safe, well-trained, and have the tools to grow.

Number two is technology. Beaver says DGDG invests a lot into technology because, especially in Silicon Valley, consumers are craving the most modern retail experience possible.

“It’s really, really exciting to have a thousand team members really trying to make sure that it’s just the best experience for our guests every single day,” says Beaver.

Delivering effective advertising and marketing strategies has also transformed over the past two years. Boczonadi thinks some of the changes in consumer behavior might be short-term, but other shifts in the car buying experience are here to stay.

“I think where we’ll see that long-term success is with dealers who are really focusing on the lifetime value of the customer and nurturing those relationships throughout the buying and servicing cycle,” explains Boczonadi.

Non-traditional players like Carvana or CarMax are all over TV. They’re taking advantage of loyalty and the changing consumer behavior while also getting their value proposition out to market. This messaging is often at the expense of the traditional car dealer, adds Boczonadi.

So, what messaging should car dealers use? Boczonadi says to center your messaging around why you’re important to customers, how you’ve changed your customer experience in response to digital acceleration, and how you prioritize staff safety.

Beaver adds that modern retail businesses are headed toward an online to offline, omnichannel approach. The automotive industry needs to continue doubling down on the future to meet consumers’ needs. Beaver believes that being located in the Silicon Valley area allows his dealership to be on the cutting edge of new technologies and approaches.

Effectv is also leaning heavily into the tech and data side of things. Boczonadi says we must stop thinking differently about OTT(over-the-top) advertising and TV. Car dealers have to reach their audience in many different places, whether it be VOD (video-on-demand) or CTV (connected TV), and it’s not easy to bring everything together. Effectv focuses on solving this channel fragmentation.

Effectv has seen a huge increase in the desire for custom audiences using car dealers’ or OEMs’ first-party data. Car dealers are also starting to understand the power of their first-party data and how to mobilize it. They demanded the same from their advertising partners. Additionally, dealers are interested in how Comcast viewership data can powerfully target measures at scale across all tiers.

“Consider that full lifetime value of your customer, your full customer journey, all of your dealership touchpoints, and make sure you’re feeding that pipe for all of your dealer revenue streams. It’s not just price payment last two weeks of the month. There’s a lot more to consider in today’s environment,” says Boczonadi.

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