has revealed the results of its latest study called U.S. States with highest growth in hybrid/electric vehicle share, which shows the rural U.S. states and cities experiencing a boom in demand for electric and hybrid vehicles.

The report showed that the interest in EVs and EV sales in rural and midwestern states increased. California, which has been a leader in interested EV buyers, does not rank in the top 10% but does have the highest overall alternative fuel share of 2022 at 8.3%.

Instead, the report found that Mississippi increased with a 241% growth in market share, followed by Hawaii with a 111% growth in market share. Although Mississippi increased drastically in 12 years, its overall market share in 2022 is still lower than the national average. The national average market share for hybrid and electric vehicles is 3.4%, an increase of 54.1%.

However, 7 out of 15 states that grew the most in hybrid and electric vehicle market shares did not reach the national average. Two states hit negative growth, South Carolina and South Dakota. The market share for South Carolina is down 11.3%, while in South Dakota it is down by about 2.8%. There was no change to hybrid and electric vehicle market shares in Florida.

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