What You Need to Know About Out-Of-State Titles and Registration – Jay Nieman, Dealertrack


Does your dealership sit on the border of another state? Or are you marketing to states other than your own? If so, are you prepared to handle the title and registration for an out-of-state customer? To help make sure your dealership is not missing out on any vehicle sales, Jay Nieman, the Vice President of Sales for Dealertrack’s Title and Registration Solutions, joins us for an interview to talk about the benefits that come along with knowing how handle tag and registration processes for out-of-state shoppers.

Typically when a dealership thinks of competitors in their local market, their thought might not include dealerships from other states, but the reality is your biggest competition could come from a dealership that is in another state. With shoppers now increasing their search radius when looking for a car, competition is no longer limited to zip codes. It’s no secret that most dealerships are finding their customers online today causing out-of-state titling and registration processes to be more important than ever.

RegistrationUnfortunately, not all states operate under the same laws, legal agreements, or registration guidelines, so understanding what the surrounding regulations are and how to accommodate them could be what makes or breaks a vehicle sale.

According to Jay Nieman, a lot of dealers aren’t prepared to accommodate cross-line sales, or maybe they just view the process as daunting or very complex. Luckily, Nieman explains that there are a lot of software solutions available that help dealerships not only handle the fees, forms, and calculate taxes, but also help dealerships stay compliant, which is important.

Dealertrack is helping ease and streamline the process as well. Nieman explains how during his interview with CBT News telling Jim Fitzpatrick that with their RegUSA product dealerships are able to register my out-of-state buyers in all the other 49 states.

To learn more on how your dealership can achieve success with out-of-state registration, watch our interview with Jay Nieman in the video clip above and head over to Dealertrack to see more on how their Title and Registration Solutions can help you.