Does Your Dealership Experience Meet Your Customer’s Expectations? – Joseph Michelli, NYTimes Best Selling Author

Joseph Michelli

Our guest today on the CBT Automotive Network is an expert when it comes to instilling the knowledge and power your business, managers, and employees need in order to deliver relevant and engaging experiences. Joseph Michelli is a renowned psychologist, speaker, and author whose most recent book, Driven to Delight, speaks to how companies like Mercedes-Benz provides spectacular experiences for both employees and customers.


The internationally sought-after speaker spent some time with CBT News to share with our audience key practices that every dealership should adopt that will promote an overall better culture and environment. With a focus on customer service, Michelli consults with various businesses bringing emphasis to the importance of creating a relevant and unique customer experience to evaluate their existing service offerings and provide actionable guidance.

We ask Michelli how important is having the right customer experience to a company’s overall success? We see a lot of companies out there succeeding right now, but does that mean they’re all giving a good customer experience?

“I think the ones that are succeeding and will sustain their success are delivering a great customer experience.” Michelli says, “I think customer experiences come in different shapes and sizes, depending upon your strategy. If you take a customer experience at a Costco, it’s very different than a customer experience at a Ritz Carlton, but both of them know who they are and execute against that. In some cases, it might be about making sure the experience is devoid of a lot of extra bells and whistles so that it’s cost-effective, and in other cases, it might be very enriched with lots of nutrients. It kind of depends on what your strategy is, but once you have the strategy, it normally is a combination of technology and people being in the right places at the right time for the customer.”