What resource dealers need to sustain customer success with Outsell’s Mike Wethington

Customers of today demand that businesses cater to their requirements and give them a more personalized shopping experience. Mike Wethington joins us on today’s episode of Inside Automotive to discuss the value of individualized customer engagements and how dealerships can effectively engage with potential car buyers. 

Outsell is the top platform for customer analytics and data that is especially geared toward the automotive industry. Since “we are all consumers,” Wethington mentions, dealers now have access to resources that would enable their facility to truly prosper. In order to thoroughly evaluate the accuracy of efficient customer communication, the company collaborates with 1st party data providers as part of the development of Outsell.

There are 333 million people living in America, out of which there are 54 million consumers. Based on such data, it becomes much clearer how to utilize the customer experience in an effort to provide better services for dealers. Wethington says that when dealers’ communication efforts successfully address customers, “there is a clear attribution of dealer spending for high investments.”

The idea of the global consumer, which seeks to better understand customers’ demands throughout their lives and the vehicles they interact with, provides an unfair advantage, and those dealers who profit from such data sets win.

According to Wethington, Outsell conducted a national study with Experian that identified all the major OEMs with retention service initiatives, such as text alerts for maintenance updates, and found that when dealers started using Outsell, service levels rose by 3%.

It’s essential to remember that 25% of the average dealer’s customers account for 70% of their total gross profit. Dealers must therefore be aware of the best ways to engage customers, such as by text, email, or postal services. Based on analytics, Outsell is the best platform for providing dealers with such knowledge. 

However, large dealers are finding it challenging to develop these intimate relationships with their clients. So, the saying goes “dealers who wish to out-sell other dealers ought to try Outsell.” 

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