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VinFast debuts midsize truck and electric utility vehicle at CES for the U.S. market

VinFast unveiled two cars at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year, both having the potential to succeed in the U.S. market

Vietnamese automaker, VinFast, unveiled two cars at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this year. A midsize pickup truck, similar to the Toyota Tacoma, and a small electric utility vehicle called the VF3, which was previously revealed last year. 

Both of these vehicles have the potential to succeed in the American market. As full-size trucks have become increasingly popular, a midsize electric truck would be a great alternative. Additionally, a compact, mass-market SUV like the VF3 could be an effective way to encourage budget-conscious consumers to switch to EVs. 

VinFast’s efforts to enter the U.S. market have not gone well so far. The company’s first global vehicle, the VF8, earned the title of “the worst-reviewed car in America.” However, the company’s founder and primary financial backer, Pham Nhat Vuong, has replaced Le Thi Thu Thuy as CEO. Le Thi Thu Thuy has been serving as CEO since late 2021.

Moreover, the VF Wild electric truck concept has a contoured bodywork and wing-shaped LED lighting signature, similar to VinFast’s previous cars. A power-folding midgate that extends the bed’s length from five to eight feet is a unique feature of the vehicle. VinFast has not disclosed any details on the price, range, or production schedule for the VF Wild. The automaker is accepting reservations later this year for the VF3, a two-door “mini-eSUV” designed for city dwellers. The vehicle boasts a range of 125 miles, but the delivery date has not been specified yet.

Established in 2017, VinFast began producing electric vehicles in 2021 with the financial support of Vuong, the wealthiest man in Vietnam. In April 2023, he gave the company a $1 billion gift. As of the third quarter of last year, the company had sold about 21,200 cars since it started delivering vehicles in California in March of last year. VinFast plans to construct factories in the United States, India, and Indonesia. 

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Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell
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