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Using Technology to Increase Service Sales and Efficiency – Jim Roche, Xtime | Small Used Car Prices Unexpectedly Rising | China Responds to US Auto Tariffs

Today on – Tuesday, June 19th, 2018:

Using Technology to Increase Service Sales and Efficiency – Jim Roche, Xtime
CBT’s own Jim Fitzpatrick sat down with Jim Roche, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Managed Services for Xtime, a Cox Automotive company, to talk about the effect of changing technology in the auto industry. Watch Now

5 Tips To Sell Better Online
It might be a little hard to envision now, but there was a time where products were only sold in a physical sense and salespeople were the experts to go to prior to any sale. The advancements due to technology further implement these changing habits. Nowadays, consumers rely five times more on digital content than they did in the early 2000s. It’s important for automakers, marketers, and dealers to understand that the next generation of car buyers are Millennials. This generation is very active on social networks and digital platforms. They are experts at everything digital, which is part of the reason why dealers need to know how to sell their vehicles better online. Read More

The Best Ways to Drive Traffic And Get People Talking About Your Dealership
Blogging, social media marketing, newsletters, and other methods of digital marketing can feel like an unnecessary add-on to a marketing strategy. If you have a small team, have limited financial resources, and are strapped for time, it might be easy to leave these methods for driving traffic to your website out. However, there is a reason why many marketing gurus are saying that “content is king.” Here are five ways to use content to improve the buzz around your dealership. Read More

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