Using Mystery Shopping Alongside Advanced Technology


In today’s fast-paced business world, it could be difficult to gauge the success of your sales employees and the satisfaction of your customers. CBT News had the opportunity to talk with Kyle Disher, owner of the company WebinarInc., to discuss how his company helps identify pain points when it comes to dealership shopping and customer interaction. is a modern spin on automotive training for the modern automotive world. Using mystery shopping alongside advanced technology and throughout training modules, the team at WebinarInc provides top-tier customized sales training at your automotive dealership. Both Classes and Curricula are developed within your dealership market to ensure they maintain relevancy for your dealership(s) and in-turn, providing a comprehensive training process for your entire store.

Using a mystery shopper process, Disher explains how WebinarInc captures all information needed to assess what your store is doing with each and every lead opportunity whether that be through a phone call or internet server. To make sure they are providing detailed information for your dealership to build better practices they also survey, in the same way they do yours, another local dealership and use that information to provide you and your team with something to hold in comparison.

So what does their mystery shopping at a dealership consists of? Disher explains, “So, when we do our mystery shops the majority of it … We do in person with a little hidden camera and stuff too.” and goes on to say, “We actually purchase a local phone number for the dealership every single week, for not only the dealer, but we also do it for a competitor. So you got this local phone number and then we go to the dealer’s site, the competitor’s site or a third party, and we submit a lead. Now, each week we also have a unique email address. We submit the leads and then what we do is we capture all of the game film. We find out how many times the dealer attempted to call, how many voicemails they left, did they text, did they email? So as the dealer, not only are you seeing exactly what your store’s doing with each and every opportunity, you’re also seeing what the competition’s doing, and we compare those up. That’s what we do for the internet.”


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