Lost Customers: Problem or Opportunity?

Automotive Retail

Are lost customers a problem or an opportunity for your dealership? Shawn Rajabi, CEO OF Total Customer Connect, answers this question and shares how his company supports the automotive retail industry and is specifically designed to increase opportunities and enhance service processes. With practices that increase revenue and profit within a dealership, TCC ensures a service that will generate more business and bring back customers that you may not have seen in your dealership for some time now.

Based in Silicon Valley, their mission is to increase automotive retail profitability by improving dealerships communication through every point of the customer’s lifecycle and has been successful with operating in such manner since 2001. With being surrounded by trend-setting pioneers and their companies based all throughout the San Francisco Bay area, they are able to build relationships and collaborate with business partners to establish a core that promotes and utilizes a state-of-the-art technology. Driven by a DMS and innovative customer-centric solutions, dealerships are provided measurable results from customer revenue and quality customer relationships.

Shawn explains how Total Customer Connects’ priority is to gain and retain the trust of your customers. With a founded strategy that support successful customer return rates, they have figured out the right equation of when to call, what to say and how to say it in a manner that brings back your lost souls. Equipped with call center services, custom marketing campaigns, state of the art pricing menus, electronic route sheet, tablet-friendly MPI tool, and DMS-driven reporting tools, TCC guarantees improved profitability in your dealership service drive.

They have learned how to maximize your customers’ recovery to turn lost costumers into new revenue opportunities increasing your returning percentages anywhere between a growing 7-9%. When you compare this to the little numbers an email generates, at which numbers show them capping out at 1.2%, the effectiveness TCC allows far out ways any traditional practice when being compared.