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UAW strike grows, GM lays off over 100 workers at Parma Metal Center

The decision by the UAW leadership to announce a strike at GM's assemblies continues to have a detrimental ripple effect.

According to UAW Local 1005 President Dan Schwartz, General Motors has laid off 130 union employees at the Parma Metal Center in Parma, Ohio.

A statement from GM claims that 34 union employees at the Marion Metal Center in Marion, Indiana, have also been let go. These layoffs coincide with a UAW strike that is intensifying at plants in other states.

GM’s statement also declares, “The decision by the UAW leadership to announce a strike at the GM Wentzville Assembly and now the GM Lansing Delta Township Assembly continues to have detrimental impacts. On October 2, a section of the two metal centers won’t have any work available, and the affected team members aren’t expected to return until the strike ends.”

The statement continues, “There are no provisions for company-provided SUB-pay since we are employed under an expiring labor agreement. We’ve stated time and time again that nobody gains in a strike, and this is just more proof of that. We will continue to bargain in good faith with the union to settle quickly.”

The strike began in the middle of September at three assembly plants: a Ford factory near Detroit, a GM facility north of St. Louis, and a Stellantis-owned Jeep facility in Toledo. Then, on September 22, it grew to include 38 GM and Stellantis-owned distribution centers.

The UAW has implemented a new targeted strike strategy that picks critical plants for each automaker to strike and announces those decisions just hours before the strike begins.

The demands of unionized workers include:
  • Cost-of-living adjustments.
  • Salary increases.
  • The restoration of retiree health benefits.
  • An end to the tiers that cause disparities in compensation among UAW members.

According to Schwartz, “The workers and I are unhappy and claim that the negotiation process has not been simple. The workers presented their demands to General Motors ten weeks ago.” He asserts, “We’re fighting for social and economic justice. These executives are making hand over fist, and we want what’s fair. We’re not greedy but want what we deserve.”

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Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell is a staff writer/reporter for CBT News. She is a recent honors cum laude graduate with a BFA in Mass Media from Valdosta State University. Jaelyn is an enthusiastic creator with more than four years of experience in corporate communications, editing, broadcasting, and writing. Her articles in The Spectator, her hometown newspaper, changed how people perceive virtual reality. She connects her readers to the facts while providing them a voice to understand the challenges of being an entrepreneur in the digital world.

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