Sally Whitesell: Relevant and Engaging Training Tips for Your Automotive Team

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CBT News Contributor Sally Whitesell, Founder, and CEO of SW Service Solutions, Shares Training Tips for your team using strategies that are relevant and engaging . SW Service Solutions provides automotive service advisor training that turns your service advisors into sales and customer service professionals.

Sally explains that training methods have changed. A part of that shift stems from Technology and how studies show attention-spans have decreased significantly over the years. This means that companies need to start adjusting how they train their employees so they stay engaged through the course. SW Service Solutions believes in order to produce a successful training course you need to start by identifying what learning style an employee might have so you can target the type of learner they are and explain information in a way that allows them to focus, participate and absorb. Using short sessions is also suggested as this gives them a focus

Engaging Training
Training that is Relevnt and Engaging

The First of the three different learning styles discussed is Auditory. Team members within this bucket learn best by Processing the information out loud. This involves asking questions and answering them using your voice. The more you discuss the information out loud, the better. Use verbal analogies and tell stories to help you reach your point.

Another Style are the Visual learners. To best engage with these learners Include drawings and pictures in your training to illustrate ideas and don’t be afraid to use different colors. Short funny videos are also a great learning tool.

Finally, there are the Kinesthetic learners. These are you, movers and doers. Keep this audience busy with games, competitions Act things out, use gestures, or move around while studying, all of which helps to engage the tactile learner.

If you want to make sure your team is walking away from training with the best tools and knowledge it is important to recognize your staffs learning style so you understand how to cater to it. Keep things interesting and use a variety of different methods so you can engage with everyone in a way that allows them to focus and retain material.