The Prison of Bad Habits


From the start of every morning, you’re following habits whether they be good or bad. Mark Tewart explains how important it is to practice good habits on today’s Tip of the Day.


Hi, I’m Mark Tewart and welcome to the tip of the day on CBT News. More people are locked into the prisons of bad habits, than all of the penitentiaries combined. Look at your habits. What do you do when you wake up? What are the first three things you do? What are the first three things when you get to the dealership? How do you end your day? How do you handle customers when you’re in front of them? What are the things you do in your presentation, your demonstration? What do you do with your follow up?

All of these things are habits. Habits create success. You have to have discipline. All the motivation in the world will come and go, but what will last will be the discipline and the habits you create from that. That will determine your success, no matter what. My best tip on the sales tip of the day on CBT News.

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