Stop Running from Social Media

social media

Your best friend Bob just bought his son a truck…from the dealership down the street. Don’t be mad at Bob that he didn’t buy a truck from you. It’s likely he couldn’t remember what you did for a living because you never talk about it and it’s not mentioned on your social media pages. Cory says that’s a mistake. Instead, he said be proud of what you do by doing this one thing, on today’s Tip of the Day on CBT News


My challenge to you today is to stop running from social media. Stop letting yourself be a secret online. How many friends, family members, bowling league buddies or members of your Church actually know what you do for a living? I’m inundated with friend requests on Facebook and before I accept a request, I always look at that person’s page to make sure they’re not a troll or looking to stalk me, and I’m stunned at the amount of automotive sales professionals who leave their About page blank.

As I travel across the country, I ask sales professionals how many of them are active on LinkedIn with a completed profile, and very few hands go up. Are you not proud of what you do? Wouldn’t you like to have less dependence on random showroom traffic? Wouldn’t it be great, through social sharing and sharing your happy customers online to have new buyers coming in and asking for you?

So let’s get those profiles set up, let’s get them updated, let’s get out there and show the community that you’re an expert and the person to help them with their transportation needs. Go ahead, do it.

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