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The Sales and Conversions Benefits of Target Remarketing

If a customer visits your website, does the marketing experience end? On the other hand, is it possible to ensure various segments of your email list see messages that are specifically targeted to their needs? For both, the answer surrounds the concepts of retargeting and dynamic content.

Retargeting or remarketing is the act of enabling previous visitors to your website to see your ads when they visit various other places on the internet, with the intent of eventually bringing them back to your site.

Dynamic content is the practice of automating the content individuals see when they open your email, depending on the data you collect about each segment. Both focus on advanced personalization and customization marketing that draws your consumers to visit your dealership eventually.

If done correctly, both can increase your marketing ROI as well as conversions for your dealership.

What are the specific benefits of remarketing and dynamic content creation? Read on for our takeaways below:

Dynamic Content Allows You to More Effectively Relate to Your Audience 

Dynamic content relies heavily on attaining useful data about your customers. So, demographics, location, education, occupation, and other data points are all worth collecting. Because of this information, you are in a position to make personalized email messages that can put pre-made content in front of them. As a result, you are ensuring that your customers see messaging—whether it be a servicing reminder or car recommendation—that speaks directly to their needs.

Add Efficiency to Your Time remarketing

Before the days of automation, you would have had to create ads for each purpose and would have to send specific brand messaging to various audiences manually. Today, you can take advantage of the automation that comes alongside remarketing and dynamic content.

Now Google Ads can automatically place your ads in places potential customers might see it, while mass mailing clients like MailChimp or Constant Contact can automatically pull messaging and content depending on the segment you are sending it to. This process adds valuable time back into your schedule.

Make Better Recommendations 

Fifty-two percent of customers would share their personal data in exchange for personalized recommendations. Through your remarketing ads and even your dynamic email content, you can make subtle and customized recommendations. For example, you may know that many of your customers on Facebook have families.

Consequently, you might want to show a remarketing ad for a minivan or larger crossover vehicle. The same can be said for your email messaging. The goal is to help customers in their decision-making process, and these practices make it much easier to do that. 

Higher Conversion Rates Overall 

Tailored content that customers can see as they go through the internet or open their emails puts your dealership in the position to increase conversions. The more that potential customers can relate to your content, the higher the likelihood of them returning to your dealership inventory page and filling out the contact form.

Remarketing audiences have clickthrough rates two to three times higher than new visitors. Also, a report by One Spot of 350 marketing execs found that dynamic content in an email was the most effective personalization tactic. So, with both processes, you stand to gain by way of more visitors and, ultimately, more conversions.

Spend Your Money More Effectively

Once you find the remarketing and dynamic content mix that works, you are optimizing the amount of ad spend. Dealership marketers are known to spend a large amount on online ads. However, instead of reinventing the wheel with Facebook or Google Ads to appeal to new audiences, you can more effectively recapture your audience by reaching out to those who are already familiar with your brand and have visited your website.

Again, the same is also valid with dynamic content. You are efficiently appealing to your audience with relevant data. So, you will have a better chance to find the dynamic content mix that is working without having to spending a large amount of money on experimentation to figure it out. Ultimately, the better your data collection, the more effective your ad spend will be. 

Remarketing and Dynamic Content Two Tactics Your Dealership Should Invest In

Both concepts can bring in more visitors, increase conversions, and prevent your staff from having to experiment without results. Remarketing is known to increase conversions, while dynamic email content better engages audiences and further cultivates them. If you are struggling to see the results you need, consider adding these practices to your marketing strategy mix.

Chanell Turner
Chanell Turner
Chanell Turner is a contributing writer and investigative journalist for CBT News.

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