The Most Appealing Features for Car Buyers Now


Cars have always been at the forefront of innovation, but lately they’ve really taken off. It seems like every company is racing to cram the most hardware and software into their models–and that’s before we even get to discussing electric vehicles and their makeup.

With all that’s available, it’s good to know what features appeal most to buyers as you sort through your lot’s inventory. Here are the top features to keep in mind when showing customers around.

Advanced Safety Features

Safety continues to be a top priority for most shoppers. While the majority still want to be in control of their cars (we’re not ready for the fully autonomous experience yet), everyone today is interested in advanced safety features, particularly rearview cameras and blindspot warning systems. Automatic emergency breaking is another attractive safety feature.

Entertainment Features

Given the amount of time spent in cars, entertainment features have become an expectation for many drivers. Most important to shoppers is the ability to connect their devices with their car. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay give users the benefits of their familiar interfaces without the concern that they’ll use their phones while they drive.

On that note, fast USB charging is in demand these days. Drivers often use apps, like Google Maps, while on the road and rely on charging features to keep their devices from being drained when they arrive at their destinations.

Additional USB charging docks for the back seats allow for everyone to stay connected and entertained. For those really ready to embrace the technological age, wireless charging pads in cars are a boon, that limit the clutter between the seats and tuck phones away, leading to fewer on-road distractions. Newer car models are coming equipped to meet a variety of charging demands, and it’s well worth a dealer’s while to point out this capability.

featuresUsability Features

Voice activation is cool, but for many drivers, there’s nothing like the tactile experience. And though some manufacturers are integrating more touch features, there’s something about knobs and buttons that people still appreciate. Raised buttons and knobs allow drivers to orient by feel without taking their eyes off the road. These are especially desired for the audio system and climate control hardware.

Convenience Features

After the essentials, there are a number of features being looked for by shoppers that aid in convenience.

One of the most sought after in this category is keyless entry features. For many, these applications not only add a layer of safety to their car, but it also allows them greater freedom when getting in and out of their vehicles. Now they can carry as many groceries or sleeping children as they need without having to worry about reaching for a key at the bottom of their purse or pocket.

360-degree cameras are another feature looked for on lots these days. While backups are practically a must-have at this point, 360-degree views are for those who want greater accuracy navigating, especially when parking.