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Why video marketing is essential for your car dealership

Shooting personalized videos in car dealerships is a lot like working out. We all know we need to do it but saying it and...
car buying

To modernize car buying, we need to make it easier to...

By now, everyone in the automotive industry knows that digital retailing is here to stay. Today's customers expect to be able to buy everything...

TV’s effect on dealership digital engagement

For dealerships across the country, car buying came to a halt at the start of the 2020 pandemic. Then, car sales —of new and...

PERQ: Guided Shopping Helps Attract 30 Percent More Leads

Many dealers feel like they get a lot of web traffic but are not doing enough to capture it. Enter PERQ, an online guided...

What Are the New Tools You Can Use to Boost Conversions?

On this week's episode of Auto Marketing Now, Brian talks to James Grace, Sr. Director of Analytics Products with Cox Automotive, about increasing website...
digital marketing metrics

Measuring Website Engagement and New Digital Marketing Metrics

  On this week's episode of Auto Marketing Now, Brian Pasch goes 'into the lab' to talk about measuring website engagement and new digital marketing...