PERQ: Guided Shopping Helps Attract 30 Percent More Leads

Many dealers feel like they get a lot of web traffic but are not doing enough to capture it. Enter PERQ, an online guided shopping solution that helps consumers make decisions on complex purchases. Using artificial intelligence to help meet the consumers wherever they are in the buying process to support with the next best step in the purchasing process. Jenny Vance, Executive Vice President of Sales with PERQ, met with CBT News too explain more.


Dealers have tried to solve for lead conversion up to this point by implementing single widgets. This still means the dealers will be fighting for visibility on the site. PERQ allows all of those calls to action to dynamically rotate. It also analyses over 10 million data points from other consumers to come up with the next best action. PERQ Solution is gaging more of the consumer from their existing web traffic and is moving them down to purchase.

Online ShoppingWe also learned that over 70 percent of users who visit the websites are first time users. Obviously, that challenges the thought that only returning customers seek a dealer’s online website. Of that 70%, 68 percent of them take the next steps in their buying research. Jenny explains how this also means that many consumers are taking the extra steps to educate themselves about their purchases on the dealer’s website.


The average dealer can expect to see consumer engaged for at least 13 minutes using Perq Solution. Without PERQ, a dealer can except only 2-3 minutes of consumer engagement on their website. PERQ can generate and attract 30 percent more leads from their existing web traffic. They will see a 15% higher close rate and as a result, there is less negotiating and a better gross profit.