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The Urban League and NADA are working together to train mechanics

The severe lack of auto technicians in the U.S. has prompted a number of initiatives to hire trained mechanics at auto dealerships. The National Automobile...
no fault found diagnosis

How service departments can handle no fault found diagnosis

You want to increase profits and customer satisfaction in your service department, but a no fault found diagnosis, or NFF, is sure to derail...

How today’s advisor transparency works wonders

Openness in the service drive in today’s climate will help ensure your CSI is rock steady and profitability greatly enhanced! Challenges from the post-pandemic operating...

How car dealerships are preparing for an EV future

Though the idea of electric vehicles (EVs) can be traced back to the 1800s, with over half a million units sold in the first...

Best strategies to develop your car dealership’s service business

In 2020, new car dealerships reported $111 billion in revenue through service and parts alone. If you are focused on growing the service side...

Why is it so hard to train the next generation of...

In a TechForce Foundation report last year, it was forecasted that the auto, diesel, and collision industries would collectively be short by approximately 642,000...

Vaccine mandate will affect thousands of workers in auto industry

On Thursday, the Biden administration announced new vaccination requirements that will apply for nearly one-third of Americans and over half of those in the...

This is a MUST DO list for maximum fixed ops performance

Everyone needs a job description of their job that outlines what is expected and the actions you will need to execute to succeed in...

Is there a case for remote vehicle servicing?

According to the 2020 NADA Data Financial Profile, dealers commonly expect around three of every ten dollars of net profit to be generated by...

Technicians Among the Unheralded Heroes in Pandemic Recovery

Since the middle of March when much of the nation was deeply affected by COVID-19 restrictions, automotive technicians have been keeping the nation running....