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internet leads

Effectively Manage Your Internet Leads with These Proven Strategies

Converting internet leads into car sales is an evolving and extremely challenging process. What worked five, three, or even a year ago isn’t necessarily...
video marketing

Beneficial Video Marketing Strategies For Your Dealership

Marketing and automotive retail is an increasingly omnichannel atmosphere, with videos being an essential and potent tool. Around 90% of consumers state that watching...

Alleviate Dealership Turnover with These Proven Strategies

High employee turnover creates high costs for dealerships. In addition to the cost of finding a new team member and negotiating a new salary,...

How To Avoid Dead-End Marketing Strategies At Your Dealership?

If your dealership is looking to make more money and profit, then it’s important for you to learn the ways to spot dead-end strategies...
family members

Battle-Proven Strategies to Keep the Peace – And Sell Cars!

Every dealership manager spends time, effort, and energy training team members and the effort benefits both parties with increased sales and profits.  Pretty straightforward,...
sales strategy

Mix Up Your Strategies

Just like mixed martial arts fighters use an array of moves against their opponent, you need to have the same tools in communicating with...

5 Strategies That Will Turn Your Employees Into Leaders

My boss once told me that managers should always have an exit strategy. Because if (fingers crossed) you receive a promotion or new position, you’ll need...
jim deluca

F&I Today | Jim DeLuca | Speed Up The Dealership Process...

On this week's episode of F&I Today Sponsored by:        Becky Chernek interviews Jim DeLuca, VP of Digital Road to a Sale, and they discuss 1 pricing strategies...