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auto tech

How car dealers can navigate the ongoing auto tech shortage

As the year continues to progress, it’s time to do an update on the auto tech shortage in the United States. As we discussed...

Where service sales should focus as winter digs in

With winter bearing down on us, it’s time to consider how your service department can meet the needs of drivers in your area. Aside...
no fault found diagnosis

How service departments can handle no fault found diagnosis

You want to increase profits and customer satisfaction in your service department, but a no fault found diagnosis, or NFF, is sure to derail...
retail automotive service departments performance pro forma compensation

Why car dealers must have a consistent service menu process

Many car dealerships ignore the use of menus in their F&I department, though they have been around for decades. In fact, according to one...
winter months service, after-sale

How to boost service and fixed ops during the winter months

The winter months offer a prime opportunity for dealerships to institute revenue-generating servicing strategies and add value to customers. Additionally, the fall months provide...
service department EVs

Why Don Reed believes EVs could be a major revenue opportunity...

According to, electric vehicles (EVs) do not need servicing for more than two dozen mechanical components found in ICE vehicles. In light of...

The best post-pandemic practices for your service department

According to CNBC, the auto industry is one of the most affected by the COVID pandemic. Now that it’s ending and we are learning...
used vehicles

Selling off-brand used vehicles? Tips to retain those buyers

The ongoing new vehicle shortage has many dealerships stocking any used vehicles they can get their hands on. Selling off-brand vehicles is not new,...
work environment

What does a healthy work environment look like for fixed ops?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates there were 60 deaths among automotive technicians in 2019. With this information in hand, it’s more important than...
automated vehicle inspections

Should your service department consider using automated vehicle inspections?

The automotive industry is evolving rapidly, and with that comes changes in how dealerships operate. In particular, automated vehicle inspections are changing the game...