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SKAI Vision is an industry-changing product which helps dealership operations using non-intrusive artificial intelligence software, set expectations

How artificial intelligence can help guide dealership operations today

More than ever, dealerships need to implement the best technology into their businesses to stay competitive, which is why managers should always stay up...
Roger Love

Is your dealership vulnerable to a cyber attack? Tiffany Simonsen weighs...

On the latest episode of Straight to the Point, host Frank J. Lopes sits down with Security Solutions Consultant at Intrinium, Tiffany Simonsen. Lopes gets straight...

Key security a priority in the dealership

When customers show up at a dealership for sales or service, they likely aren’t really thinking about how cars might get stolen during their...

What is your top fraud concern in a COVID environment?

Masks are on at dealerships nationwide, and not just in terms of PPE. For automotive dealers working hard to restart and gain momentum during...

New report suggests data security at dealerships is a serious concern

A report released last week on the susceptibility of data breaches has identified auto dealerships as being a potential target. The 2020 Shred-it Data...

How to Improve Employee Retention and Productivity

As a manager, two of your chief concerns are productivity and employee retention. The first boosts your company's revenue. The second reduces the chances...
blockchain technology

How Blockchain Technology Can Shake Up the Automotive Industry

We’ve heard a lot about blockchain technology over the last few years. While blockchain has many potential applications, the most well-known use for blockchain...

How to Avoid Hackers and Fraud in your Dealership

In the information age, we must be constantly vigilant against faceless hackers who can cause untold damage without ever being seen. The damage they...

The Threat of Cybersecurity Breaches: Four Ways Dealers Can Protect Customer...

Do you have credit card information stored on your computer? Have you ever opted to have your passwords remembered on your browser? Did you...

CBT News – November 12, 2015

On today's show: Why one GM believes negative reviews can be a blessing in disguise Do you have a plan for vendors who show up unannounced? ...