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activity habit

The Activity Habit

  On today's episode of Kain & Company, David Kain goes over what he calls the "Activity Habit," creating a sound foundation for your sales...

Demand Success – Building a Winning Sales Team (Part 4)

On prior episodes in this series, Tom talked about hiring, recruiting, and training practices as well as maximizing your CRM by managing your client...

Building a Winning Sales Team (Part 3)

On prior episodes in this series, Tom discussed how to attract better people, the interview process, the training process, and how to get the...

How to Build a Winning Sales Team (Part 2)

   Are you trying to be as good as everybody or as bad as everybody? Do you know the difference? Building a winning sales team...

Accountability Between Your Dealership Team and Management

On this week's episode of Kain & Co., David invites his daughter Jessica on to discuss a presentation she gave recently on the right...
digital retailing

Automotive Tango Weaves Technologies & People Together to Connect With More...

Let’s say you’ve made the leap and are using messaging with consumers, both chat and text, on your dealership websites. Good job! We know...
team members

Creating a Healthy Environment: Expectations & Accountability

Having been raised in a family car dealership makes it easy for me to comment on life as a car salesperson.  Fortunately, my work...

Execution Plan: How to Buckle Down to Achieve Your Goals

The sales game is constantly changing. New products, marketing ideas and technology solutions continue to flow into the market, pulling dealership decision-makers in several...
sales forecast

Your 2018 Sales Forecast: Fact or Fiction?

How does your dealership come up with a number for your monthly or annual sales forecast? Most of the time we start by looking...

How to Allow Sales People to Become Their Best

In sales, you can use any word or series of words to describe what it takes to get a commitment and close the sale....