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Unlock your leadership potential with these 7 traits

Leadership is an essential element of success, particularly in the business world. Great leaders are, in many ways, the face of their organization. Whether...

The 7 Most Effective Words for Closing a Deal

If you have been in the car business for any length of time, you have most likely heard of a concept taught by some...

Six Motivational Quotes Dealers Can Use to Inspire Their Team

Fifty-three percent of workers in the United States are disengaged at the workplace. The numbers have gotten better since 2017, but they are still...
Ron Marhofer Auto Family

How Ron Marhofer Auto Family Has Continued to Thrive for 100...

After starting as an independent service garage in 1919 and adding its first Chevrolet franchise in the 1920s, Ron Marhofer Auto Family has built...

Giving Customers Options

Today Mark discusses the importance of options. He believes if we don’t provide options then we limit our potential and lose the trust of...
John O'Leary

New York Times #1 Best-Selling Author John O’Leary: Overcoming Life’s Challenges

CBT Automotive was thrilled to be joined by inspirational speaker John O’Leary recently for an exclusive interview. John shares with our network his story...
good note

Starting and ending the day on a good note

Start and end your day on a good note. Mark Tewart wants you to do everything you can to make today worth celebrating on...

The Power of One – John O’Leary

When John O'Leary was 9 years old, he suffered burns over 100% of his body and was expected to die. He is now a...

Change Your Mindset and Achieve Anything | Colin O’Brady

In this epic TEDx Talk, Colin O'Brady, explains his journey back from a tragic burn accident only to ascend to the 7 tallest mountains...

Why comfort will ruin your life | Bill Eckstrom | TEDxUniversityofNevada

After documenting and researching over 50,000 coaching interactions in the workplace, Bill Eckstrom shares life-altering, personal and professional development ideas through the introduction of the...