New York Times #1 Best-Selling Author John O’Leary: Overcoming Life’s Challenges

CBT Automotive was thrilled to be joined by inspirational speaker John O’Leary recently for an exclusive interview. John shares with our network his story of tragedy, triumph and overall self-betterment while taking us through his story that ultimately leads him to travel the country in hopes to ignite a flame within you and your self-worth.

 John O’LearyAt just nine years old, John found himself in a house-fire that severely burned 100% of his body leaving him hospitalized for time to come. It was within those moments the bed stricken 9-year-old made a choice to reclaim his life and engage in a future that will bring hope and desire to all who listen.

O’Leary spends his year speaking to over 50,000 people around the world, with more than 120 events for clients like LEGO, Verizon Wireless, Southwest Airline, and more.

Throughout the Interview with CBT Automotive, John drives home the importance of asking yourself key questions that promote the power he hopes you find within. O’Leary does a wonderful job explaining how when we choose to focus on the right key points, we can, in turn, use them to infuse richness in every part of your life, including work.

John O'Leary One suggestion he has for you is to find that person that you look up to in your field, may that be sales, management, or tech, and shadow them. Absorb what they know and how they have achieved their stance today. O’Leary says, “find someone who is doing this well, take him or her out to lunch and say listen, I look up to you, I respect you, your someone who does it the right way” he continues, “and they will open up their book, then all you need to do is do the next best thing.