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Electricity Infrastructure

Energy infrastructure not ready for the EV future, research shows

Utility company National Grid has conducted research that casts doubt on the preparedness of energy infrastructure to meet the coming demand. With states like New...
breathing leader

How to become a better business leader in less than two...

Well that’s a statement, isn’t it? Is this really possible? Let’s find out. Learning how to control our breath is one of the most powerful...

How the magnesium shortage could affect the auto industry

While the semiconductor chip shortage remains the most discussed deficit affecting the auto industry, the low magnesium supply is increasingly becoming a concern as...

What the proposed transportation bill would mean for the auto industry

Last Friday, Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives unveiled a $547 billion proposal that would be allocated to surface transportation, including improvements to...

Six high-performing silent superpowers

What would it mean to you as a leader to consistently perform at or near your best? And what if you could learn to...

Self-regulate your way to better leadership

Think back to a situation where you acted in haste, based a decision you wanted to take back on emotion, had a bad start...

ExxonMobil chairman provides updates and future of oil industry

On Wednesday, ExxonMobil Chairman and CEO Darren Woods held an employee forum to discuss the oil and gas industry’s position and the outlook for...

Major auto industry players aim to be carbon neutral

Emphasizing the commitment to developing green transportation and processes, several carmakers are announcing plans to move toward a carbon neutral position in manufacturing. While...
Kelly Automotive

Taking Both Forks in the Road: Stop Limiting Your Decision Making

We often use “road” metaphors for the activities of our business and our life — “the path to the sale,” “the road not taken,”...
analysis paralysis

Service Department Analysis Paralysis: How to Make a Decision and Move...

Service operations generate mountains of data associated with the performance of the department. Leaders can and do devote a lengthy amount of time and...