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Life’s not fair—here’s how to find success anyway

The phrase “life’s not fair” might not seem to be an earth-shattering idea — of course, it’s not fair. It’s one of the first...
Keeping track of progress career goals Chris Saraceno

The struggles that strengthen us; Why we should embrace, and not...

Think about your favorite movie or book. Now, imagine that the hero or heroine was never faced with a challenge. Rocky doesn’t train very...

On CBT News for March 24, 2020: David Kain, Becky Chernek,...

  Today on - Tuesday, March 24th, 2020: David Kain, Becky Chernek, & David Lewis Weigh in on Coronavirus Challenges On today's show, we speak to...
retailing challenges

Approaching Digital Retailing Challenges

On this week's episode of Auto Marketing Now, Brian Pasch talks about some of the retailing challenges that dealers and vendors face when trying...

The Most Common Challenges Facing Dealers

On this week's episode of Progressive Retail, Cory Mosley talks to Durran Cage, CEO and Founder of Cage Automotive in Arlington, TN, about being...
Wes Lutz

Navigating the Industry Through the Tough Challenges Ahead

Since Wes Lutz was named chairman of the National Automotive Dealers Association, he has been home only a few days in the past six...
John O'Leary

New York Times #1 Best-Selling Author John O’Leary: Overcoming Life’s Challenges

CBT Automotive was thrilled to be joined by inspirational speaker John O’Leary recently for an exclusive interview. John shares with our network his story...

How to Overcome Common Challenges in the BDC

Jessica Kain joins David to talk about where dealers are struggling when it comes to their BDC.  Watch today's show to find out how...