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J.D. Power reveals the top awards for the 2023 U.S. EV...

The 2023 U.S. electric vehicle experience ownership survey by J.D. Power revealed that, surprisingly, Tesla did not top the list for the best EV...

BMW expands in-car subscription fees in the U.S.

BMW owners will now need to pay a monthly fee, or subscription,  to enjoy some of their vehicles' distinctive features. Car buyers have long...
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A look under the hood: the rising cost of car ownership

As American consumers face surges in both gas and vehicle prices, it’s no secret that the cost of car ownership is rising. But this...

Millennials a Probable Key for Auto Industry Recovery

Much of the economy has retracted during the coronavirus pandemic, auto sales included. The forecasts aren’t pretty with NADA predicting that new light-vehicle sales...

Ways to Pitch a Lease

Lots of dealers are able to sell a car at full MSRP when selling a lease. Many consumers don’t think about negotiating the purchase...
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The Fair Flexible Model of Car Ownership

Jim Fitzpatrick sits down with Georg Bauer, Co-Founder and President of Fair, a Fintech startup, to discuss auto finance and the Fair flexible model...