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Subaru of New England makes transformational donation to Northwood University — Ernie Boch Jr. & Justin Marshall

On today’s episode of Inside Automotive, we’re joined by the man behind the incredible $500,000 donation to Northwood University, Ernie Boch Jr., renowned business leader, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Boch serves as president and CEO of Subaru of New England, the exclusive distributor for Subaru vehicles and parts to the 65 Subaru retailers in the six states of New England. And we’re also pleased to have back Northwood University’s Chief Development Officer, Justin Marshall, to discuss the impact the donation will have on Northwood students.

Tomorrow’s leaders:

With Subaru’s gracious donation, Marshall expresses how it has completely transformed the university. He claims, “it has allowed us to take our heritage in the auto industry since 1963 and propel it to the next level.” He then emphasizes how the next professor of the automotive strategy classes will work alongside other automotive professors to lead the university into a whole new era of automotive education. While also teaching the new generation about the exciting possibilities the industry provides. He adds, “This individual will be in more media outlets, cutting edge research, and will be the go-to source for dealers and automotive manufacturers looking for cutting edge information.”

Boch highlights the ways in which the industry is constantly changing. He claims, “What worked for us in the ’70s didn’t work for us in the ’80s or ’90s.” Although electrification is here, it is moving slower than most dealers want it to. Boch explains, “I think electrification will come, but there will be problems.” He continues, “It seems like a straightforward method, but the industry, the professionals, the customers, and the technology have turned into a completely different animal.” 

"The industry in the last three years is unlike anything we've ever seen." — Ernie Boch Jr.

Northwood University

Therefore it is imperative that there is a University, like Northwood, that is training tomorrow’s dealer principles.  Marshall asserts, “We’re training more than the dealer principles. We are involved with many different partnerships to aid in the development of helping automotive technicians earn their bachelor’s degrees in preparation for leadership positions.” He further emphasizes they are aware of the need for supply chains, mobility, electrification, and they are excited about these leadership opportunities as a topic of discussion in general. “It’s not just about automotive manufacturing and dealerships, there is a lot more that goes into this unique global industry,” asserts Marshall. 

Additionally, the university intends to train future: 

  • Supply chain leaders
  • Marketing leaders
  • Business leaders
  • Management leaders

While Marshall expresses, “Through the Subaru of New England Automotive Strategy, we’re going to train the best leaders in automotive management.”

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Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell
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