Robert “Bob” Brockman, a Texas businessman and icon, passed away at 81. Brockman was most known for his roles in building Universal Computer Systems, owning Reynolds & Reynolds, and serving as the company’s CEO for many years. There has been no word on how the ownership structure of Reynolds & Reynolds will change due to his passing.

On Monday, the company released a statement saying in part: “Bob played an important role for many years, growing the company to be one of the world’s top dealer services providers it is today. We are grateful for his leadership and the considerable time and energy he dedicated to building Reynolds & Reynolds over the years. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family during this time.”

Despite being noted as both a hard-working and innovative businessman, Brockman was facing charges of tax evasion prior to his death. He was indicted in 2020 after allegations that he evaded up to $2 billion in taxes on his investments. This was the largest case ever filed against an individual in the United States. However, business associates note that this case is entirely separate from any professional dealings he had with his companies.

Brockman was most known for launching Universal Computer Systems, now a multi-million company, from his living room. He also acquired Reynolds & Reynolds in a $2.8 billion merger deal. A trust now owns Reynolds & Reynolds, according to recently released court documents. The trial date for Brockman was set for early 2023. The Department of Justice was questioned today regarding the status of the case. 

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