Shift Your Customer’s Vehicle From Standard to Street Smart – SAVY Driver


The CBT Automotive Network followed up with EasyCare and spent time with Scott Jacobsen, Director of Business Development for SAVY, to get a well-rounded update on everything new at SAVY and learn more on how their SAVY Driver technology improves customer experience.

Earlier in the year, we spoke with Larry Dorfman, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer, of EasyCare, about all the new developments the company is excited to release in 2018.

Now Jacobsen shares with our audience more about this new app and product. With an easy installation of a device, SAVY Driver shifts your customer’s vehicle from standard to street smart providing the drivers the ultimate connected experience. The easy plug in advance technology records an informs the driver of the vehicle everything they need to know about the health and wellness of their vehicle(s).


The SAVY Driver App can do everything from scheduling appointments to finding the location of a vehicle in a parking garage. The plugin tool and affiliated app notify subscribers of speeding alerts, real-time teen driver alerts and driving scores among other features as well. This technology not only keeps the owner of the vehicle informed but it also communicates with the dealership.


The SAVY Driver feature will notify both the owner and the dealership when It’s time for a service inspection, appointment or engine maintenance.


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