Putting Your Dealership Customers To Work As Brand Ambassadors


When you want to get your dealership to be well-known around the nearest towns and cities, the best form of advertising is brand building. Brand building is an essential phase in your dealership growth and development. Building your dealership brand boosts customer awareness, gives it individuality and significance.

What Is Brand-Building?

The fundamental nature of creating a brand for your dealership cannot be described by one simple definition. Though a fair number of marketers believe brand building to be all about communication and brand exposure, there is more to brand building. It can be best described as “a procedure that generates worthiness to customers.”

Below are the three most popular brands and what they mean:

  • Service Brand: This type of brand is developed through knowledge, culture, and expertise established through an agency/business/individuals, such as Best Buy’s ‘The Geek Squad’.
  • Retail Brand: This type of brand is based on a blend of products and service, such as McDonald’s, KFC or Macy’s.
  • Product Brand: This is a brand that is developed through one’s experience with a certain product, such as Adidas, LG, or Chevrolet.

What Is ‘Car Dealership Branding’?

Branding your dealership is what separates you from the other dealerships in town. The way you brand your dealership determines the way the public views your dealership. Your brand is defined by the type of experience you create for your customers. From the moment they walk through your showroom door, you must create a lasting experience for your customers. Their experience is extended through the use of advertisements, service department customer service, and even the business cards handed out by your salespeople.

You will want to ensure a seamless experience for your customers right from the beginning during the process of creating a brand for your car dealership. The identity of your dealership is dependent on the brand you generate, so you must consider exactly how you want your customers to view your establishment.

Ask yourself the following questions when preparing to create a brand for your car dealership:

  • Who are your target customers; and how do you want to communicate with them?

  • Do you know what your Unique Value Proposition is and what the crucial attributes to your brand are?

  • While in the process of creating your brand, what separates you from other dealerships in town?

Now that you understand what creating a brand for your dealership is about, you will need to get creative. You’ll need to discover some unique ways to make others identify certain things with your dealership. Choosing a brand logo or special colors is a great start. Basically, the goal is to create something that can make customers identify with your dealership in an exclusive and unforgettable manner.

How To Make Your Customer’s A Part Of Your Brand?

Your customers are a big part of the success of your dealership. When you involve customers in creating your brand, you are showing others that your dealership is more than a business – it is a part of the community. So, how can you ensure that they become embodied with the brand? Below are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Create an advertising campaign that can involve your customers. Do something to make your customers a part of creating your dealership brand, such as filming live interactions with them at the dealership doing business for TV ads.
  • As a ‘thank you’ for purchasing a car at your dealership, you could offer coupons and discounts for vehicle maintenance performed at your dealership. This will show your customers that you care about them saving money and taking care of their vehicle.

  • Use social media as a way of creating your brand. Facebook is an excellent social media outlet to get a large following. However, you won’t find many of the younger demographic on Facebook, so if you want to reach them, you’ll have to be active on more than just Facebook. It’s a good idea to engage on Snapchat and Instagram to catch the attention of younger customers. (More about this in the next section).

  • Persuade your employees to endorse themselves. Allowing employee branding while placing constraints that protect the dealership brand, even allowing them a part of the marketing budget to do this. Form a curriculum of training for employees that is about branding, messaging, and generating an exclusive voice within the community.

Using Social Media For Brand Building

The use of such social media sites, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, is an excellent source for marketing your brand. You can discover groups on these sites which can aid in advertising your dealership brand and expertise. By encouraging customers to share their car buying experience will also aid in creating an authority for the dealership’s brand.

Maintain a consistency with your brand when creating profiles on social media. You want to ensure you are persistent in showing the dealership’s brand. A lot of damage can be created if just one of your profiles shows images or content that does not represent the dealership well.

Ensure to post images and photos of customers smiling and expressing delight in the way they were treated and the excellent deals they got. This will create an image for future customers of your brand. This will help to create a brand that represents great deals and smiling customers.

Make sure you keep content on social media diversified. When you change things up, you avoid the possibility of making your brand appear boring. You do not want to publish the same articles on your site week after week. You want your posts to be informative, with content that your followers can appreciate, and keep you from oversharing your own content. It is good advertising to share your own content on social media; however, your customers will appreciate it when you also share content that is authoritative from other sources.

Finally, the most important thing to remember when creating your dealership brand is that you want it to be memorable. When creating a brand for your dealership, you want customers to get a certain positive image in their mind whenever they hear mention of the dealership. Also, keep in mind that creating the perfect brand image for your dealership is going to take a lot of creativity and work. The benefits of a good brand will show by the profits your dealership earns.

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