Last month a Toyota Prius struck an autonomous robo-taxi from General Motors-backed Cruise in San Francisco, California. There were minor injuries, but the crash has prompted federal vehicle safety regulators to investigate. The crash took place on June 3, only one day after California authorities gave Cruise approval to expand the use of its robo-taxi fleet.

Todd Brugger, Cruise Vice President of Global Markets, filed a report stating that a Toyota Prius entered an intersection while driving straight through a lane meant for turning. The Cruise car had stopped to enable the other car to turn as it attempted to make a left turn across several lanes of traffic. The Prius involved was also going 20 mph over the speed limit.

Many federal investigators are wary of electric vehicles with self-driving technologies as there has not been enough testing or set regulations. Actually, at the moment, multiple vehicle accidents are being investigated involving self-driving technology. These accidents so far have resulted in 16 deaths and many more injuries.

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